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World turned upside down and grey. At least for this moment.

World turned upside down and grey. At least for this moment.

Flowers for my Mom

Flowers for my Mom

For some more fairness in an unfair competition

For those of you who don’t know it already. My friend David is taking part in the Toontrack songwriting competition. Now is the voting phase - the best 15 among 1000s of entries will be heard by the judges.

The fact that there are musicians in there who either already have a bigger fanbase or others who found a way to hack for votes -
(I’m not making this up, there are entries with more votes than views, which is impossible to achieve legally, because you can’t vote without viewing the entry)
- makes it incredibly hard for the rather unknown songwriters to get into the final round, and all their talent and hard work doesn’t help them anything.
The 15th place has almost 1000 votes by now. It’s a mere fight for the people’s support which has nothing to do with music anymore. And it means getting on people’s nerves and asking for help, some of you might call it even spamming, but there’s simply no chance without doing that.
And seriously now, is it so much to ask for? 2 clicks, voluntary clicks….

I’m aware that most of my followers won’t even read this entry, but anyway. For those of you who don’t mind to share some minutes of their time:
Please listen, and if you like what you hear please vote for this entry. For the sake of fairness I also suggest taking a look at other lower rated entries, if you like to. It’s also possible to vote once every 24 hours for one entry, but I guess that’s a little too much to ask for… ;-)

Thank you.


This amazing piece of music from David Delvalle is now an entry in the Toontrack Songwriting Competition.

He is a songwriter who has spent half his life working his ass off for music without getting the recognition he deserves. As music business is hard he has to put up with having to live on minimal income in order to fulfil his dreams.

If you want you can support my friend by voting for his entry. If you are a facebook member you can just follow the link and vote. One vote per entry per 24h is permitted.

Every vote helps! Thanks. :-)

A very special piece of music from an awesome musician you should know about.

"The prevailing issue I see is that contemporary art has made itself highly inaccessible to the average person. I’m an artist with education and training in the visual arts and I feel shut out of the contemporary art world most of the time. If someone with my background feels disconnected, then it must be even worse for the layman. The contemporary art world is extremely exclusive. Everywhere I go, it seems like I see the same ten artists in all of the major museums and galleries. On top of that, the presentation of contemporary art is often times very cold which makes it tough for audiences to connect. For this to change, contemporary art has to take the initiative and foster stronger connections with their audience."

Clara Lieu



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